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Chocalicious Pomegranate and Shrikhand Cupcakes

Shrikhand is a very popular pudding or dessert which accompanies an Indian meal. It is made with thick creamy curd, sugar and rich Saffron and Cardamom spice. What ever the occasion Shrikhand is enjoyed , been said that eating shrikhand after an Indian meal helps neutralise your palette but do you really need an excuse for eating shrikhand? I remember as a child my mum and grandma serving me shrikhand with hot puris every time we used to fast. Since then I have come across many varieties including fruits,coconut and even chocolate. If you haven’t tried it then you need to. As I am passionate about baking and experimenting with flavours I worked on this recipe three times before perfecting it. The cake didn’t need perfection it was the icing as I wanted to achieve shrikhand flavour but in a stiff consistency and to be honest that was difficult but I got there in the end and the result…

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